Small Field Dosimetry, IMRT / VMAT Patient Plan Verification and LINAC QA

The course addresses key issues in small field dosimetry, patient plan verification and LINAC commissioning and QA.

It gives a thorough introduction to PTW detectors and QA systems recommended for standard and rotational IMRT and provides a good mix of theory and practice.

As such, it is very well suited for medical physicists who want to update and extend their skills and knowledge of practical dosimetry.

Key topics covered in this course:

  • Small field dosimetry: International recommendations, suitable detectors and measurement procedures
  • Characteristics of FFF beams
  • LINAC commissioning and TPS QA in clinical practice
  • Theoretical aspects and general characteristics of 2D detector arrays
  • Patient plan verification and machine QA with 2D detector arrays
  • Verification of VMAT plans using a 2D detector array in a rotational phantom
  • OCTAVIUS 4D: Algorithm and practical applications


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Target Audience

Medical physicists, Dosimetrists and those who use PTW equipment  

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