Career Stories

Medical Physicists at PTW

Julian Horn


Qualification: M. Sc. Medical Physics

Current Position: Product Manager

Location: Freiburg, Germany


“It’s a lot of fun, never gets boring and you always feel like you’re doing something good.”


Why I became a medical physicist and

what got me to PTW.


Follow Julian’s story.

After civilian service, I started studying mechanical engineering, but after a short time I realized that it was not the right thing for me. Among other things, because I lacked “a connection to people” there. As a result, I looked for alternatives and finally switched to the subject of medical technology. Within the course of study, the focus was on medical physics, and I gained first insights into the field of work of a medical physicist during several internships. From then on, it was clear: Medical physics is the thing for me!

My current position involves all tasks and activities that are typically associated with product management: In general, I am responsible for one or more products, take care of their development, validation, market launch and subsequent product maintenance. This includes keeping an eye on customer wishes and competitive products.

The diverse and varied tasks can be dealt with at times of your discretion for the most part; there is no rigid everyday life, no run-of-the-mill work, hardly any routine work.

I greatly appreciate the cooperation with various departments and professional groups, internally at PTW and externally at customers.

Working in a hospital: Contact with patients is not to everyone's liking. However, I liked that part of the job. As a medical physicist on duty, you are also responsible for finding a solution as quickly as possible in the event of problems occurring in the treatment of patients, while maintaining a cool head. A clear disadvantage for me was that I had to work in three-shift operation 7 days/week, since extensive measurements and tests had to be carried out outside the patient treatment hours. Working shifts for a certain time is okay, but I didn't want to do that for a lifetime.

Working in industry: The variety of tasks and activities in my current position as a product manager suits me very well. Since you communicate a lot with other people, a certain amount of communication skills is advantageous. You should have that ability. The focus in industry/business is of course different than in a hospital.

PTW is THE manufacturer of dosimetry solutions. During my clinical work as a medical physicist, I had mainly worked with PTW products and consequently already had contacts with the company. Therefore, there was no doubt as to which company was attractive to me as an employer.
PTW has a good working climate and works at a very high level. So far, almost all of my expectations have been fulfilled.

The field of medical physics is not as well-known as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, for example. To find out what this subject really entails, talk with students and professionals in this field to learn about their experiences, complete internships or even attend a lecture or two. After doing this in medical physics, I knew that medical physics was the “right thing” for me.

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