MR-Guided Radiotherapy

Dosimetry and QA Solutions

Which detector is best suited for absolute and relative dose measurements in 1.5 T magnetic fields?

Which clinically proven tools are available for routine QC measurements?

Which water phantom can be safely used on MR-LINACs?

Discover PTW’s newest technologies and how they support your dosimetry needs for next-generation MR-LINACs.


The first motorized 3D water phantom suitable for clinical use in a 1.5 T MR environment

Benefit from a complete solution for commissioning and QA of MR-LINACs – from automatic beam data acquisition, processing and analysis to protocol-based documentation. Built to the highest quality and technology standards, BEAMSCAN MR is exceptionally robust, incredibly versatile and straightforward in its operation. As an all-built-in system, it comes ready to use on a single carriage, including everything needed. A comfortable touch panel guides you step by step through the installation and setup process.

BEAMSCAN MR Highlights

  • Dedicated 3D water phantom for use with MR-LINACs ( ≤ 1.5 T)
  • Two models with vendor-specific water tanks for optimized scanning ranges:
    568 mm x 145 mm x 355 mm for Elekta Unity,
    408 mm x 248 mm x 355 mm for ViewRay® MRIdian®
  • All-in-one, ready-to-use system with comfortable touch panel for fast setup
  • Auto alignment – no lasers or light field needed
  • Maximum speed of 30 mm/s for faster scanning
  • Reference-class Semiflex 3D ionization chambers for precise dose measurements in small and standard fields up to 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Quick axial and radial detector setup with patented TRUFIX®
  • Consistent detector orientation for all scans, including off-axis scans
  • Fast, sensitive electrometer with excellent signal-to-noise ratio for perfect scans in all field sizes
  • Straightforward operation – from setup to documentation


Comprehensive machine QA for MR-LINACs with one single device

As a flat-panel ionization chamber array, which is quick and easy to set up on the treatment couch, STARCHECK MAXI® MR combines versatility with outstanding efficiency. One shot delivers all relevant beam data for radiation fields up to 40 cm x 40 cm, eliminating the need to set up a 3D water phantom in daily routine or after service and repair.


  • The only detector array to measure radiation fields up to 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Fast acquisition of all relevant beam parameters in one single measurement
  • Real-time display of beam profiles and analysis results for consistency checks and beam steering  
  • Highest spatial resolution (3 mm) for outstanding accuracy in all field regions,  including the penumbra
  • Optimal detector layout and density for QC measurements –
    707 air-vented ionization chambers arranged in a star pattern
  • Gold standard ionization chambers – no need for frequent recalibration
  • Expert analysis tools, e.g., profile comparison, protocol-based analysis, movie mode
  • Fully integrated with Track-it for automated reporting


Integrated, modular system for independent 3D patient plan verification and machine QA measurements in high magnetic fields

Its unique modular phantom design and cutting-edge ionization chamber detector technology make OCTAVIUS® 4D MR an excellent choice for rotational treatment verification. By measuring the dose in a volume entirely independently from the treatment planning system, OCTAVIUS® 4D MR is capable of detecting errors in the TPS that might otherwise pass unnoticed. Combined with the LINAC QA option, it allows accurate machine QA checks with the same system.

OCTAVIUS 4D MR Highlights

  • Independent patient and machine QA with one single system
  • 3D dose verification in phantom and patient geometry for better results
  • Unique rotating phantom  – true 3D, true isotropic geometry
  • Superior ionization chamber technology –  highest detector density, best field coverage for better error detection
  • MR positioning check with markers within the phantom
  • Exchangeable phantom top for machine-specific QC measurements
  • Clinically relevant dose evaluation tools, e.g., 3D Gamma volume / DVH analysis
  • Integrated QA – from plan verification, routine machine QA checks to efficient monitoring of QA results in Track-it

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