BEAMSCAN Software Version 4.4

New functionalities and expert features


The brand-new BEAMSCAN Software 4.4 comes along with dedicated and technically highly advanced features especially for small field dosimetry. In combination with the high mechanical precision, these features make BEAMSCAN the best choice for:

  • small field dosimetry measurements and
  • robust, reliable and accurate measurements in general.

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Benefit 1

Online beam inclination correction

Measure the beam inclination and set these angles for further measurements. The detector follows the inclination angles and measures always in beam center. Profiles are measured in different depth without CAX deviation.

Benefit 2

Output Factor @ CAX

„Search max.“ option
Get the optimal measurement position

Benefit 3

Measurement conveniences

  • Copy AutoSetup settings – no need to adjust the detector settings
  • The „Scan Time Predictor“ estimates the time for the next task
  • Scanning speeds down to 0.2 mm/s to continously scan with high spatial resolution and low detector noise
Benefit 4

Advanced beam data analysis

  • Analysis of FFF beams – evaluation based on inflection points
  • The „Varian acceptance protocol“ supports Varian installers at acceptance testing
  • Indian AERB protocol: AERBFFF is now available
Benefit 5

Enhanced data processing

  • Smoothing moving average
  • Deconvolution of profiles: optimized algorithm for all Linac types (no FFF beams)
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