VMAT/IMRT patient plan verification software with advanced tools for measurement, dose comparison and evaluation     

Benefit 1

Non-coplanar measurements

Non-coplanar beams are typical for single isocenter SRS treatments. Combined with OCTAVIUS 4D, VeriSoft enables you to verify non-coplanar treatment plans by taking the different couch angles into account.

Benefit 2

Off-axis measurements

Verify treatment deliveries characterized by off-axis target geometries, such as used in stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). Shift your OCTAVIUS 4D phantom to the location of interest to ensure full target coverage by the detector. VeriSoft accounts for the geometric changes.

Benefit 3

Long radiation fields

Measure very long radiation fields, such as typically encountered in craniospinal treatments, by merging two shifted measurements performed with OCTAVIUS 4D. VeriSoft combines both measurements and compares them with the TPS dose distribution.

Benefit 4

Multiple beam qualities

Treatment plans with multiple beam qualities, e.g, breast plans with additive boost, can be verified with OCTAVIUS 4D. VeriSoft accounts for the different energies during dose calculation and allows composite or beam-per-beam analysis.

Benefit 5

Treatment plans created for Varian HalcyonTM can now be verified in combination with OCTAVIUS 4D

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