Miniature single channel dose area product meter

  • Housing with electronics for use in combination with a DIAMENTOR chamber
  • Measures DAP, DAP rate, exposure time
  • Flexible positioning of the electronics
  • Communication via RS232 or RS485
  • Wireless communication and data transfer in combination with the DIAMENTOR BT Interface

The DIAMENTOR C-RS is a highly integrated single channel DAP meter. The electronics is available in two versions with RS485 or RS232 interface. Different DAP chambers are available for connection to the DIAMENTOR C-RS, e.g. circular CARD chambers or rectangular chambers. Combined with the DIAMENTOR BT interface, which allows the DIAMENTOR C-RS to be accessed via Bluetooth, wireless communication between the DIAMENTOR C-RS and a PC is possible. The miniature DAP meter electronics as well as the DIAMENTOR BT interface can be mounted behind the housing of the X-ray installation. The wireless DIAMENTOR solution enables convenient and fast installation due to the removal of extension cables.

Service contract Bronze, Silver or Gold available.

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