MP1, MP1-M Phantom Tanks

1D water phantoms for reference dosimetry and measurement of depth dose curves

The MP1 and MP1-M water tanks are small 1D phantoms for depth dose measurement to determine beam qualities and measure reference doses according to international dosimetry protocols. The tank sizes meet the AAPM TG51, IAEA TRS 398 and DIN 6800-2 requirements for absorbed dose determinations in reference conditions.

The MP1 tank is remote controlled and requires TBA electronics and MEPHYSTOmc² software for operation. Using the MP1-M tank the detector positions are adjusted by hand. It is equipped with a precise moving mechanism and a digital display of the detector position.

The tanks have vertical moving ranges of 254 mm and external horizontal phantom dimensions of 320 mm x 370 mm (MP1 and MP1-M). Holding devices to mount Semiflex, Farmer and electron chambers to the moving mechanism are available. Each phantom has three adjustable supports for levelling and alignment and fill lines ensure an easy setup.

Key Features

  • Portable high-precision water phantom with vertical moving range of 254 mm, specially designed for automatic PDD measurements and reference dosimetry
  • Tank design and dimensions compliant with AAPM TG-51, IAEA TRS 398 and other dosimetry protocols
  • Calibration-free, high-speed stepper motor drive offering superior positioning accuracy
  • Full line of high-precision, application-specific detectors and state-of-the-art electrometers for reference dosimetry optionally available
  • Remote operation via PC or manual control using TBA Control Pendant
  • Manual 1D water phantom for budget-conscious users optionally available

Application Highlights

  • Outstanding Gold Standard detector technology
  • Precise measurement and analysis of depth dose curves
  • Reference dosimetry according to international protocols optionally available

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