The Dosimetry School

Sharing knowledge, inspiring practice

The Dosimetry School, founded in January 2014 by the dosimetry pioneer PTW, is a global education initiative aiming to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry through a series of seminars, workshops and trainings.
Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the oldest dosimetry company, "The Dosimetry School" is looking forward to offer the medical physics community an up-to-date, well-rounded education program that provides a good mix of scientific theory and practice.

PTW Podcasts

The Dosimetry School podcasts provide expert knowledge on various topics of dosimetry of ionizing radiation.
Please feel free to actively contribute to this project and let us know which dosimetry topics you are interested in.
We look forward to your feedback and questions!

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PTW Podcast #1: "What you always wanted to know about small field dosimetry and never dared to ask"

Upcoming Courses

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