MP1 Phantom Tank

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1D water phantom for absolute dosimetry and measurement of depth dose curves

  • High precision 1D water tank for absolute dosimetry and depth dose measurement of high energy photon and electron beams
  • Complies with the dosimetry protocols AAPM TG-51, IAEA TRS-398 and
    DIN 6800-2
  • Easy setup with alignment and fill lines and adjustable supports for leveling

The MP1 water tank is a small 1D phantom for depth dose measurement to determine beam qualities and measure absolute doses according to international dosimetry protocols. The tank size meets the AAPM TG51, IAEA TRS 398 and DIN 6800-2 requirements for absorbed dose determinations in reference conditions. The MP1 tank is remote controlled and requires TBA electronics and MEPHYSTO mc2 software for operation.

The tank has a vertical moving range of 254 mm and external horizontal phantom dimensions of 320 mm x 370 mm. Holding devices to mount semiflex, Farmer and electron chambers to the moving mechanism are available. The phantom has three adjustable supports for levelling and a collision-protected drain tap for emptying without tilting or changing the phantom's position. Alignment and fill lines ensure an easy setup. 

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