Freiburg, November 17, 2020

PTW and QRM sign exclusive global distribution agreement for tissue-equivalent phantoms

The dosimetry specialist PTW Freiburg GmbH (PTW) announced today it has signed an exclusive global distribution agreement with phantom manufacturer QRM GmbH (QRM).

Effective January 1, 2021, PTW will be the sole distributor for QRM's tissue-equivalent phantoms worldwide, complementing its portfolio of quality assurance solutions in radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.

After the acquisition of a majority share in QRM GmbH by PTW earlier in 2020 and a close collaboration in the development of PTW's new modular phantom platform Ruby, the two companies have now taken their cooperation to the next level.

"QRM is the leader in manufacturing high-quality tissue-equivalent materials in radiological quality assurance. With their focus on quality and customized designs, QRM will provide us with solutions that are an ideal addition to our product portfolio for worldwide distribution,” stated PTW Managing Director Dr. Tobias Schüle. Johannes Coman, Managing Director of QRM added: “PTW is well known for its outstanding product quality, exceptional service and the strength of its global sales network. Partnering with PTW, with whom we share common values, will give us access to countries and markets, where we do not have a strong market presence today.”

Both companies develop, design and produce exclusively in Germany and have an industry-leading production depth.

For more information visit the PTW and QRM websites.

About PTW

PTW is a global leader in high-precision dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and metrology. Founded in 1922, the German company is one of the pioneers in medical radiation measurement, helping advance patient safety in modern radiation medicine. PTW technologies and services enable radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide to precisely monitor highly complex clinical radiation equipment. The dosimetry company also owns one of the oldest and largest accredited calibration laboratories in the field of ionizing radiation and established THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL to promote the exchange of knowledge in clinical dosimetry. PTW operates globally with ten international subsidiaries and more than 350 employees worldwide.

About QRM

QRM is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tissue-equivalent phantoms for quality assurance and control of medical and industrial X-ray imaging modalities. Founded in 1994, the German company is specialized in providing customized phantoms that have been used in clinical research and routine as well as for industrial applications worldwide for more than 25 years. Since early 2020, QRM has been affiliated with PTW Freiburg GmbH, leveraging its know-how in medical imaging and tissue equivalent materials with PTW’s experience and market presence in the field of radiation medicine.

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