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The New Generation of Reference Class Electrometers

In 1922, PTW launched the first therapy X-ray dosemeter that was a technological milestone in the measurement of radiation dose. Nearly 100 years later, the third UNIDOS electrometer generation once again raises the bar in technology and usability. Explore its highlights.

UNIDOS Interactive

Striking design. Exceptional performance. Impressive functionality.



UNIDOS Interactive - Striking Design. Exceptional Performance. Impressive Functionality.
Intelligent Detector Recognition
Individual user profiles
Full remote control (LAN/WiFi)
Intuitive touchscreen
Instant access to data
Versatile database
Exceptional performance
Intelligent Detector Recognition

Intelligent Detector Recognition

With its built-in camera-based 2D code scanner, UNIDOS Tango is the first electrometer to automate detector management and identification by using detector-specific data matrix codes and state-of-the-art scanning technology.

Updating your detector database or selecting the right measurement detector is now very easy and less error-prone: Simply scan the data matrix code on your calibration certificate or detector label with the device camera. No manual data entries needed. One code, one scan. IDR is particularly useful for clinical sites with multiple electrometers and/or detectors in use.

Individual user profiles
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer

Individual user profiles

Reduce setup time and improve measurement consistency. Save your favorite device settings and detector parameters for frequent or specific measurement tasks, e.g., preferred measurement detector, user-defined correction factor and measurement range, as password-protected user profiles. A simple tap on the User Profile menu of your UNIDOS electrometer gives you immediate access to all profiles stored.

Full remote control (LAN/WiFi)
UNIDOS Tango connected

Full remote control capability

Hard-wired Ethernet or WiFi? Your choice. Connect your UNIDOS Tango to your local area network and control it remotely from your PC. Access its built-in webserver using any WiFi-enabled device – no app needed. Simply type its URL into a standard web browser and view measurement results directly on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere on site. As a smart electrometer with multiple connectivity options, UNIDOS Tango is easy and flexible in its operation.

Intuitive touchscreen
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer

Intuitive touchscreen

The new UNIDOS generation is all about ease of use. It is the first to come with a capacitive touchscreen and a clean multi-lingual user interface, which gives you instant access to all relevant settings – in up to nine languages and with the simple touch of a finger. Measurement readings and other important data are always clearly visible on the main screen and from almost any viewing angle.

Instant access to data
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer

Instant access to data

Readings are automatically saved to memory and can be instantly accessed with a single tap on the screen. Review the last 50 measurements and quickly calculate mean value and standard deviation right on the spot.

Versatile database
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer

Versatile detector database

Efficiently manage up to 100 different detectors and their calibration data in one comprehensive, easy-to-access detector database. Ready-to-use detector templates make it easy for you to add and/or update detector-specific data with just a few finger tips.

Exceptional performance
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer

Exceptional performance

As reference class electrometers that exceed IEC performance requirements, the new UNIDOS electrometers deliver fast, reliable and highly accurate results across all applications. Equipped with industry-leading amplifier technology, they are exceptionally stable and ready for use immediately upon start.

With the best available resolution (0.1 fA) in the market, the new UNIDOS Tango is your tool of choice for high-precision measurements, e.g., in small field dosimetry.


Intelligent detector recognition

Intelligent technology.

UNIDOS Tango comes with a built-in camera-based 2D code reader which automates detector management and identification. By using detector-specific data matrix codes and intelligent scanning technology, IDR saves time and eliminates potential error sources.

All in one code.

Each PTW reference ionization chamber is supplied with a calibration certificate which also contains a data matrix code (DMC). It stores the same information, e.g., the calibration factor and date as well as the name and serial number of the detector.

Manage database.

Forget time-consuming manual data entries. To add or update detectors, simply tap the DMC icon in the detector database, then point the data matrix code on your calibration certificate at the device camera. The built-in scanner reads the code and automatically enters all detector-specific information.

Identify detector.

Ready to perform a measurement? Hold the data matrix code printed on the detector label in front of the device camera. The built-in 2D code scanner reads the code and calls up the correct detector simply by matching the data stored on the code to an entry in the detector database. Mismatches excluded.

A matter of seconds.

One code, one scan. Detector management and identification has never been faster, easier and safer.

Why Use IDR Technology?

Choose comfort

A scan is all it takes to keep your detector database up to date or identify the right detector. No manual entries or selections needed. Enjoy maximum ease of use thanks to automation.

Eliminate Errors

One mistype, and the wrong calibration factor is entered, or the wrong detector selected. By automating data entry tasks, IDR helps to avoid human errors and improve data quality.

Increase efficiency

IDR combines speed and accuracy. No need to type in data or search for your measurement detector in the detector database – it’s all in one code, and just one scan away.

How IDR works

Create detector-specific DataMatrixCodes (DMC) compatible with UNIDOS Tango and Intelligent Detector Recognition (IDR).

DMC Generator

UNIDOS Tango or Romeo

Which UNIDOS is best for you?


The smart reference class electrometer


  • Intelligent

    UNIDOS Tango automates detector management and identification using Intelligent Detector Recognition. Simply scan the data matrix code on your calibration certificate or detector label with the built-in camera, and a new detector is added to the database or the right detector chosen for measurement.

    IDR is particularly useful for clinical sites with multiple electrometers and/or detectors in use as it increases efficiency and reduces data entry errors.

  • Connected

    With its built-in webserver and LAN interface, UNIDOS Tango provides full remote control capabilities. Change settings or start measurements conveniently from your PC, view results instantly on your tablet or smartphone.  

    If you are looking for maximum comfort and flexibility in operation, then UNIDOS Tango is the instrument of choice for you.

  • Secondary standard

    UNIDOS Tango is a secondary standard reference class electrometer which meets and exceeds both IEC and IPEM performance requirements. With the best available resolution in the market (0.1 fA), it is the perfect choice for high-precision measurements, e.g., in small field dosimetry.


The standard reference class electrometer


  • Highly functional

    UNIDOS Romeo is a high-precision reference class electrometer which provides the functionality you need for routine operation. Managing the built-in detector database is not fully automated, but much simplified with an intuitive user interface and ready-to-use detector templates.

    Choose UNIDOS Romeo if you have a smaller budget, but do not want to compromise on accuracy and performance.  

  • Standalone

    UNIDOS Romeo has been designed primarily for standalone use. It comes with an intuitive touchscreen interface, which gives you instant access to all important settings and options, making standalone operation very easy.

    With its user-friendly design, it is perfect for sites who want best-in-class measurement technology, but do not need multiple connectivity options.

  • State-of-the-art

    UNIDOS Romeo is a versatile reference class electrometer that exceeds IEC 60731 performance requirements. It comes with a resolution of 1 fA, which makes it a reliable tool for reference dose and quality assurance measurements across all major applications.

Technical Specifications

UNIDOS Tango and Romeo are reference class electrometers fully compliant with the following standards:

  • Radiation therapy according to IEC 60731
  • Diagnostic radiology according to IEC 61674
  • Brachytherapy according to IEC 62467-1
  • Radiation Protection according to IEC 60846*
  • Secondary standard electrometer according to IPEM*
  • JSMP (JCSS calibration needed)*

* applies to UNIDOS Tango only

  • Charge Q (C)
  • Absorbed dose to water DW (Gy) (according to IEC 60731)
  • Air kerma KA (Gy) (according to IEC 60731, IEC 61674)
  • Exposure JS (R) (according to IEC 60731, IEC 61674)
  • Photon equivalent dose Hx  (Sv)
  • Ambient equivalent dose H*(10)  (Sv)
  • Activity A  (Bq, Ci) (according to  IEC 62467-1)
  • Air kerma strength KA (Gy•m2/h, R•m²/h)  (according to IEC 62467-1)
  • Dose length product  DLP  (Gy•m, R•m, Gy•cm, R•cm) (according to IEC 61674)
  • Reference Air Kerma Rate (Gy)
Channel 1
Display 5” color display with capacitive touchscreen, WVGA (800 x 480 Pixel), backlit
Supported Languages German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
2D Code Reader Data Matrix Code Scanner*
Connectivity LAN, TCP/IP, 100 Mbit/s, IPv4/6
WLAN Access Point 802.11ac/b/g/n, WPA2, up to 800 Mbit/s*
USB 2.0 Host, Type A (700 mA)
Dimensions approx. 201 mm (W) x 122 mm (H) x 253 mm (D) (including feet)
Weight 3 kg
Connecting Systems M, TNC, BNT
Power Supply (100 – 240) V, (50/60) Hz

* applies to UNIDOS Tango only

  • MEAS: Manual start /stop – continuous measurement
  • AutoMEAS: Auto start/stop
    Measurement is triggered by radiation, dose is calculated from all recorded data.
  • AutoMEAS & RESET: Auto start/stop with reset
    Measurement is triggered by radiation; dose is calculated from the last measurement.
  • INTEG: Measurements are integrated over a predefined time interval.
Measurement Ranges (according to IEC 60731,
reference class)
- Current
- Charge
400 fA … 2.6 μA
4 pC … 9.3 C
- Current
- Charge
1 fA (0.1 fA*)
10 fC (1 fC*)
Repeatability < ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.25 % IEC 60731)
Long-Term Stability ≤ ± 0.1 % (≤ ± 0.5 % over one year, IEC 60731)
Response Time < 1.5 s (< 3 s (90 % response), IEC 60731)
Non-Linearity ≤ ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.5 % IEC 60731)
Zero Drift ≤ ± 0.25 % (≤ ± 0.5 % IEC 60731)
Bias Voltage ± 400 V (± 0.5 V) @ 1 V steps
Zeroing typ. 85 s

* applies to UNIDOS Tango only


  • UNIDOS Tango Electrometer with M connector (Order No. L981629)
  • UNIDOS Tango Electrometer with BNT connector (Order No. L981630)
  • UNIDOS Tango Electrometer with TNC connector (Order No. L981631)
  • UNIDOS Romeo Electrometer with M connector (Order No. L981632)
  • UNIDOS Romeo Electrometer with BNT connector (Order No. L981633)
  • UNIDOS Romeo Electrometer with TNC connector (Order No. L981634)

Extent of Supply

Each set includes:

  • Shelf stand
  • LAN/Ethernet network cable
  • Power supply cable
  • User Manual


  • Carrying Case (Order No. T10052.1.040)

Reference Dosimetry

Make your UNIDOS complete.
Benefit from a single source solution where all critical parts and components are precisely matched to each other.

PTW Reference Chambers

PTW reference class ionization chambers are known for their exceptional stability and accuracy. Available in different shapes and sizes, they are a perfect choice for reference dosimetry measurements according to all major dosimetry protocols, such as DIN 6800-2, AAPM TG-51 or IAEA TRS-398.

To ensure maximum accuracy, each PTW reference chamber is supplied calibrated with traceability to a primary standard.

Overview Reference Chambers

High-Precision Phantoms

Select from a wide range of dedicated phantoms for reference and routine quality measurements – from automated 3D water phantoms, small 1D water phantoms to water-equivalent slab phantoms. Manufactured in house to tight tolerances, PTW phantoms ensure compliance to standards and precise and reliable day-to-day operation.

Appropriate detector holders and adapter plates make it easy for you to accurately position your PTW reference chamber in the recommended measurement position, e.g., EPOM.

Slab Phantoms  ӏ  Water Phantoms


At PTW, we know that responsibility does not stop with the sale of a product.
How we can support you?

Dosimetry Education

What do you want to know about reference dosimetry?

Update your knowledge and skills on how to perform reference measurements according to major dosimetry protocols, such as IAEA TRS-398. Join our training course on reference dosimetry. Designed to give you the best benefit, it offers a good mix of theory and hands-on training sessions. Browse our Dosimetry School site for course offerings.

Learn more

Accredited Calibrations

Ensure that your dosimetry system remains accurate.

Accuracy starts with calibration. Take care that your radiation instruments are always safe and compliant with current legislation and recommended quality standards. As a member of the IAEA/WHO SSDL network, the PTW calibration lab provides a full range of calibration services – from factory calibrations to accredited calibrations.

Learn more

Service Contracts

Keep your UNIDOS running smoothly for years to come.

Even the best measurement system needs proper service and support. With a PTW service contract, you can be sure to keep your UNIDOS in good condition long after the original warranty period has expired. Maintain reliability and peak performance throughout the lifetime of your system. Select the service plan that best suits your needs.

Learn More

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