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Water Phantom for Every Linac and Every User


No tools. No tank shifts. No manual adjustments. Get your BEAMSCAN ready to scan in a fraction of time using BEAMSCAN Auto Setup.


There is a faster, easier way to level the water tank. Align the scanning axes virtually – without moving the tank or scanning arms.


Enjoy true Wi-Fi connectivity. BEAMSCAN is the first 3D water phantom worldwide to include wireless operation and data transfer.


BEAMSCAN combines speed and precision. With its automated setup and faster scanning speeds, BEAMSCAN cuts commissioning time in half.

Faster Setup. Faster Scanning. Better Results.

The BEAMSCAN water phantom is engineered for speed and accuracy. Explore its advanced technology and innovative features that make it an efficient tool for Linac commissioning and QA.

The new BEAMSCAN features: ready to scan in a few minutes.
1. Simple 'plug-and-go'
2. Automated
3. Patented TRUELEVEL technology
4. Clip-in TRUFIX
5. Rapid Scanning
6. Wireless
7. Superior functionality
1. Simple 'plug-and-go'

True all-in-one, ready-to-use solution

With all electronics and cables directly built into the system and just one power cable to connect, the all-in-one BEAMSCAN reduces installation time to a minimum.

Simply align it to the linac and plug in the power cable. Done.

2. Automated

Ready to scan in less than 15 minutes

BEAMSCAN comes with a fully automated setup, saving much time and helping prevent typical setup errors.

The interactive BEAMSCAN Wizard, which can be easily accessed using the included iPod touch® or your own mobile device, guides you through the system setup in the treatment room – touch by touch, in a fraction of time. No tools, and no manual adjustments required.

3. Patented TRUELEVEL technology

Virtual tank leveling:
Faster, easier, less error-prone

BEAMSCAN uses a unique patented, fully automatic virtual tank leveling that helps eliminate typical error sources in tank alignment.

Based on a three-point measurement and advanced mathematical calculations, TRULEVEL aligns the scanning axes virtually to the water surface without physically moving the tank or scanning arms. No leveling tools and no tank shifts required.

4. Clip-in TRUFIX

Fast, simple detector installation with patented clip-in TRUFIX®

The patented clip-in TRUFIX detector positioning system, makes it easier than ever to precisely position a detector both vertically and horizontally in a BEAMSCAN water phantom or quickly exchange it without realignment.

Select the appropriate detector holder for axial or radial irradiation, clip it onto the TRUFIX base, then insert your detector, and ready you are.

5. Rapid Scanning

Perfect scans at maximum speed

With enhanced mechanics and a new built-in state-of-the-art electrometer which is capable of speeds of up to 20 mm/s, BEAMSCAN delivers pinpoint accurate scans in half the time – every time you use it.

6. Wireless

True Wi-Fi connectivity

BEAMSCAN is equipped with an intelligent web server to offer hassle-free wireless operation. No need to install data cables every time you use it.

Simply access the built-in BEAMSCAN web server through your own mobile device or PC and complete your auto setup or perform your measurement tasks – faster and easier than ever before.

7. Superior functionality

Innovation down to the smallest detail

From wave prevention to evaporation control, from click-fix SSD adjustment to auto field alignment, BEAMSCAN features many practical improvements and well thought-out details to make your work much easier.

With its inclined tank bottom and a large water hose, which allow for complete draining, BEAMSCAN is as easy to remove and store as it is to install.

The Water Phantom for Everyday and Everyone

BEAMSCAN provides value beyond exceptional beam commissioning capabilities. Discover eight best features for using the BEAMSCAN water phantom for reference dosimetry and routine QA tasks.

12-Minute Setup

All essential setup procedures are fully automated—water filling, detector positioning, tank leveling, CAX and rotational correction. BEAMSCAN is ready to scan in less than 12 minutes—for every user.

Auto Setup Wizard

Access this automated step-by-step guide from any mobile device for intuitive, wireless system setup in the treatment room—from reference run to water filling and virtual tank leveling.

Auto Fill & Full Drain

A built-in water sensor ensures that the water level is always correct, every time for every user. It controls the water pump, which automatically fills the tank to the correct height and drains it completely thanks to the inclined tank bottom—without any manual adjustments.

TRUFIX® Detector Clip-in

The patented clip-in TRUFIX system is designed for fast, simple mounting and positioning of the detector both vertically and horizontally in the BEAMSCAN water phantom.

Remote Control & Measurement

BeamDose software allows users to precisely position the detector at any measurement depth and automatically calculate the dose at the defned measurement position—without entering the treatment room.

Auto EPOM Positioning

The TRUFIX system positions any PTW detector exactly at the effective point of measurement (EPOM), enabling a quick detector exchange without readjustment.

Auto Air Density Correction

A precision temperature sensor that measures temperature directly in the water tank and a built-in atmospheric pressure sensor enable automatic air density correction for accurate dose determination.


A built-in web server provides easy wireless operation and data transfer via Wi-Fi. Want to remain wired? Simply connect to the LAN socket of your BEAMSCAN system.

Infographic: Fast & Easy Reference Dosimetry with the BEAMSCAN Water Phantom

With its built-in design and automated features, BEAMSCAN is faster and easier to use for reference dosimetry than smaller 1D water phantoms. Learn how you can perform reference dose measurements with BEAMSCAN in just a few minutes – using either BeamDose software or a UNIDOS® electrometer.


Check out this infographic

Fully Automated Setup

BEAMSCAN gets you ready to scan in less than 12 minutes. All setup procedures are fully automated to save linac time and prevent errors. Check out how BEAMSCAN Auto Setup works.



Position and power on.

Align your BEAMSCAN to the lasers of your
treatment machine, lock the wheels and plug
in the power cable.
Your BEAMSCAN is ready for operation.

Run BEAMSCAN Wireless Auto Setup.

Start the interactive BEAMSCAN Wizard on
your iPod touch® or mobile device.
It will guide you step by step through the system
setup in the treatment room and perform the
following setup tasks automatically:

  • Reference Run
  • Zero Positioning
  • Water Filling
  • Virtual Leveling (TRULEVEL™)
Set the SSD and install detectors.

Use the “click-fix” SSD adjustment tool to set
the SSD, then quickly connect and mount
your reference and field detectors with easy
“clip-in” TRUFIX®.

Leave the treatment room.

Complete BEAMSCAN Auto Setup in the control room.

Launch the BEAMSCAN software to zero the
electrometer and complete the remaining
steps of the BEAMSCAN Auto Setup which
require radiation:

  • Beam Center Adjustment
  • Auto Field Alignment
Ready to scan in less than 12 minutes.

Select your task list and start measurement.

From Scanning to Beam Data Analysis

3 New Software Features that Increase Your Efficiency

Online Gamma Analysis

Errors due to incorrect phantom positioning or wrong settings can compromise beam data quality and necessitate additional work. Enable the “1D gamma comparison online” feature in the BEAMSCAN software to receive real-time quantitative feedback on scan quality during measurement. The new online gamma analysis function automatically calculates the 1D gamma index of beam profiles and PDDs based on preset gamma criteria. Instantly assess whether your beam profiles and PDDs meet the individual quality standard of your department or if some scans failed and require further action.

TPS Validation

Use DICOM2MCC to independently validate your treatment planning system based on BEAMSCAN water tank measurements. Generate a reference data set and compare your quality assurance measurements against TPS data. DICOM2MCC seamlessly converts DICOM data (RT Plan, RT Dose) from your TPS into PTW mcc data format, enabling you to create beam profiles and PDDs at various depths for a comprehensive beam data analysis.

Infographic: TPS validation in six easy steps



AI-Based Data Processing

Leverage the powerful AI-based data processing tools integrated in the BEAMSCAN software to save time and improve results during commissioning and QA. The AI-powered Deconvolve function corrects the volume effect in the penumbra region of beam profiles measured with the Semiflex 3D chamber with a simple click. Additionally, AI Denoise enhances scan quality for microDiamond detector profile and PDD measurements.

More about BEAMSCAN AI

The Iconic Water Phantom by PTW

From virtual tank leveling to inclined tank bottom – BEAMSCAN provides ease-of-use and performance down to the smallest detail.  Explore picture by picture why it is trusted and relied on by medical physicists in 100+ countries.

More Options. More Choices. More Value.

BEAMSCAN can be used for a variety of measurement tasks, and works with all major LINAC types, including Halcyon® and Ethos®, without any restrictions.

Customize BEAMSCAN to your commissioning and QA needs. Add detectors, hardware and software tools to get the most of your BEAMSCAN water scanning system.


Explore all optional tools

BEAMSCAN® Specifications

3D Water Scanning System with Wireless Auto Setup and Operation

  • LINAC Acceptance Testing
  • TPS Beam Data Commissioning
  • Monitor Calibration
  • LINAC Accelerator QA
Scanning range: 500 mm (horiz.) x 500 mm (horiz.) x 415 mm (vert.)
Wall thickness: 15 mm
Material: PMMA
Weight: approx. 42 kg (empty)
Size: 701 mm x 633 mm x 704 mm
Included: water vapor permeable dust cover
Type: stainless steel worm gear drive
Motor: three stepper motors
Scanning mode: continuous, step-by-step
Scanning speed: up to 20 mm/s
Minimum step size: 0.1 mm
Maximum speed: 50 mm/s
Total size: 1548 mm (L) x 783 mm (W) x 1298 mm (min. height) / 1798 mm (max. height)
Total weight: approx. 240 kg (empty), approx. 440 kg (filled)

Lift Carriage with Built-in Water Reservoir and Control Unit:

Moving range: 500 mm
Time for full lift: 45 s
Minimum step size: < 1 mm
Pumping/draining time: approx. 5 min (filling), approx. 7 min (draining)
Ground clearance: 84 mm
Size: 1548 mm (L) x 783 mm (W) x 1056 mm (H) (with push bar)
Weight: 180 kg (empty)
Type: iPod touch®
Connection: Wi-Fi
Access: standard web browser
Application software: “BEAMSCAN Remote” Web App with BEAMSCAN Wizard for system setup from any mobile device
Channels: 2
Resolution: 10 fA
Chamber voltage: (0 ... ± 400) V, programmable in 1 V increments
Dynamic range: 2 pA … 500 nA in three ranges
Time constant: 10 ms in all ranges
Non-linearity: ≤ ± 0.5 % acc. IEC 60731
Long-term stability: ≤ ± 0.5 % p.a. acc. IEC 60731
Reproducibility: ≤ ± 0.5 % acc. IEC 60731
Type: vented cylindrical ionization chamber, waterproof, type 31021
Radiation quality: 60Co ... 50 MV photons (9 ... 45) MeV electrons
Volume: 0.07 cm³
Field size: (3 x 3) cm² ... (40 x 40) cm²
Use: patented clip-in detector mounting and positioning system
Included: TRUFIX® BS base plate with holders for Semiflex 3D, “click-fix” SSD adjustment tool

Minimum PC Requirements

Operating systems: Windows® 7 Professional / Windows® 8/8.1 Pro / Windows® 10 Pro (x32/x64) with recent service packs and updates
Processor: Pentium IV processor 2 GHz
Hard disk, RAM: 100 MB of free space for application software and 2 GB of free space for .NET Framework 4.5.1 • RAM: 2 GB
Screen resolution: XGA (1024 x 768 pixels)
Network: TCP/IP, Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s

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