Metrology - Lab Solutions

PTW and VF together offer a complete range of products for metrology calibration laboratories with radiation sources such as X-ray tubes or gamma, beta, neutron and alpha isotopes.

Each laboratory configuration can be modified, customized and even supplemented with a second radiation source to meet the high standard requirements of our customers.

Even though laboratory configurations are often customized, there are basic elements for any kind of calibration laboratory, e.g. radiation sources, which can be found in any laboratory of this kind all over the world.
We support you in complementing existing laboratories or in opening a new turnkey laboratory, which will be tailored to your needs and requirements by our specialists.
Below you will find typical equipment for each laboratory, sorted by the type of radiation source for your individual requirements.

Possible source of radiation X-Ray Lab
Diagnostic, Therapy, Radiation Protection
Gamma Lab
Therapy, Radiation Protection
Beta Lab
Radiation Protection
Neutron Lab
Radiation Protection
1. Low Energy (Mammography) ≤60kV Mo/Rh/W anode 241Am 90Sr 241Am/Be
2. Medium Energy ≤160kV W anode 137Cs 147Pm 252Cf
3. High Energy ≤225/320/450kV W anode 60Co 85Kr gamma sources

Turnkey solutions for radiation calibration laboratories of primary and secondary standard

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