Freiburg (GER)/St. Louis (USA), October 1st , 2020

PTW cooperates with Radialogica to improve patient-specific quality assurance in radiotherapy

New VERIQA module featuring SciMoCa dose calculation available for sale

The dosimetry specialist PTW Freiburg GmbH has entered into a collaboration with the US-based bioinformatics company Radialogica LLC to integrate their advanced SciMoCa Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm into PTW’s patient QA platform VERIQA. The new VERIQA module RT MonteCarlo 3D, which uses the SciMoCa dose engine for calculation-based radiotherapy plan verification, has received CE mark approval and is now available for sale in Europe and other global markets. 

VERIQA RT MonteCarlo 3D provides accurate verification of patient treatment plans based on independent dose calculations. Using the well-established Monte Carlo method, which is regarded as the gold standard for dose calculation among medical physicists, VERIQA RT MonteCarlo 3D recalculates the dose in the patient geometry and automatically compares it with the planned dose. Calculation results are available in a few minutes, requiring minimum user interaction and saving radiation oncology departments valuable time in daily quality assurance.

The accuracy of Radialogica’s SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm is widely recognized and has been validated in numerous clinical studies and publications. “When we decided to enhance our VERIQA platform with Monte Carlo calculations, we were looking for a partner who would complement our expertise and meet our high quality standards”, says Dr. Tobias Schüle, managing director of PTW. “Through the partnership with Radialogica we are advancing the development of our workflow-oriented software solutions for quality assurance in radiotherapy.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Radialogica, Andrew Cowen, is also happy about the collaboration: “We are delighted to partner with PTW to integrate the SciMoCa dose calculation algorithm as part of the VERIQA platform. PTW has a well-established track record of product leadership and technical expertise in radiotherapy QA and we are pleased to collaborate with them on this important initiative to advance patient care.”

SciMoCa is a collaborative effort between Radialogica and Scientific RT GmbH, a Munich-based specialist in the development of radiotherapy physics algorithms. Founder and managing director of Scientific RT, Prof. Dr. Markus Alber, regards the partnership with PTW as an essential step towards establishing SciMoCa as the new industry benchmark in dose computation accuracy: "We knew that our technology alone would not be enough to raise the bar, but that we would need a partner with an uncompromising dedication to accuracy. With PTW, we feel we can really make an impact on the field of radiotherapy".  

The VERIQA software platform provides medical physicists and radiation oncologists with a comprehensive, streamlined solution that supports the entire patient QA workflow in modern radiation therapy. It helps to improve workflow efficiency and quality in patient QA by integrating all patient-specific quality assurance tasks into one single, web-based platform – from visualization and contouring through all commonly used plan verification methods to documentation. As a modular platform, VERIQA offers clinical users the flexibility to select, combine and add functions according to their specific requirements.

VERIQA RT MonteCarlo 3D is the newest module alongside the already available modules RT View and RT Evaluate for visualizing and evaluating radiotherapy treatment plans.

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VERIQA RT MonteCarlo 3D provides fully automated radiotherapy plan verification using independent Monte Carlo dose calculations
Photo credits: PTW Freiburg GmbH

About PTW:

PTW is a global leader in high-precision dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and metrology. Founded in 1922, the German company is one of the pioneers in medical radiation measurement, helping advance patient safety in modern radiation medicine. PTW technologies and services enable radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide to precisely monitor highly complex clinical radiation equipment.

The dosimetry company also owns one of the oldest and largest accredited calibration laboratories in the field of ionizing radiation and established THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL to promote the exchange of knowledge in clinical dosimetry. PTW operates globally with ten international subsidiaries and more than 350 employees worldwide.

About Radialogica:

Radialogica is a healthcare analytics company focused on radiation oncology for cancer patients. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the company provides sophisticated software tools and robust analytics services to manage the quality of radiotherapy treatment. Radialogica partners with healthcare providers, payers and clinical trials sponsors to enhance quality of care, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the cost of cancer treatment and survivorship.
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About Scientific RT:
Scientific RT is a software development and consulting company specialising in computer algorithms for radiotherapy applications, such as dose computation and treatment plan optimization. Based in Munich, the company has a track record of working with virtually all major players in the field of radiotherapy software and made contributions to many successful products.
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