Río Negro, Argentina

Fundación Médica de Rio Negro y Neuquén (FUNMED) is an institution devoted to medical attention, training of human resources and research in the health area in the Patagonia Region. 

FUNMED has been fulfilling the aim of development and health support for more than 4 decades. The development and continuous updating has been and it is the joint effort between health areas - both state and private - being complemented in order to optimize resources and allow the access to the latest diagnostic progresses and disease treatment to every member of the community.

In the 90s, the first linear accelerator for cancer treatment was installed, obtaining a vast experience in the training of Medical Physics professionals and in tumor radiation treatment.

Today, together with this experience a new center has been launched: Centro de Imágenes Moleculares y Tratamiento Oncológico Integral (C.O.I).
The institution comprises 3 ELEKTA LINAC's (Synergy, Precise and Infinity) and Flexitron HDR 60Co brachytherapy equipment, 1 PET-CT, 9 MR units, 3 mammography units (2 with tomosynthesis), 2 SPECT-CT, 4 CT multi-slice and lots of further high technology diagnostic and treatment systems from SIEMENS.

FUNMED has experience of over 25 years in teaching and training of medical professionals in the Medical Imaging and Cardiology fields by means of postgraduate studies and medical residences. In 2017, the institution created the First Residence in Medical Physics in Patagonia, in this way strengthening the education in Radioprotection, Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine. In order to continue with the institutional policy of combining state-of-the-art technology, engaging highly qualified professionals and applying high level of QA standards, FUNMED made an agreement with the German company PTW, to acquire the most advanced quality control systems for Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnostic as well as to serve as PTW's reference and training center for the region: For Radiotherapy, as first in Argentina, the therapy beam analyzer  BEAMSCAN with TRUFIX has been put into operation. Plus, the following equipment:

  • UNIDOS webline
  • Isocheck EPID software with ISOBALL
  • Two QUICKCHECK webline with docking station
  • OCTAVIUS  4D with detectors OCTAVIUS 729 and OCTAVIUS 1500
  • VeriSoft DVH 4D software
  • MultiCheck software
  • RW3 slab phantom
  • X-Ray-Gamma-Dosimeter STEP OD-02

In X-Ray diagnostic, as a pioneer in diagnostic QA, the following equipment is used:

  • the NORMI PAS Set 1054/KP with the aluminum step wedge for QA in mammography
  • the NOMEX R/F/MAM/CT+ for ppV measurements and dosimetry  in all areas
  • the CT head & body phantom for CTDI measurements at CT systems
  • the NORMI RAD/FLU set Al for QA in radiography and fluoroscopy


Ricardo Ruggeri. M. Sc.
Head of Medical Physics Unit

Fundación Médica de Río Negro y Neuquén - Irigoyen 47 - Cipolletti - Río Negro - Argentina - CP: 8324

TEL: +54 (0299) 4770405, +54 (0299) 4777333

Centro Oncológico Integral (C.O.I.) - Lote U11, parcela 2662, Sección 063, Parque Industrial Neuquén Oeste o Industriales Neuquinos 2864 - Ciudad Industrial - Neuquén - Neuquén - Argentina - CP: 8300

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