Dosimetry and QA Solutions for ZAP-X® Radiosurgery System

Tested and clinically proven by ZAP-X® users

MP3-XS for ZAP

Dedicated 3D water phantom system with 20 x 20 x 30 cm scanning range

Complete, ready-to-use solution for beam commissioning and quality assurance, including Semiflex 3D ionization chambers, microSilicon detector, T-REF reference chamber, TRUFIX® detector holding system, TANDEM electrometer, feature-rich BEAMSCAN® software

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Award-winning, high-precision reference class electrometer with Intelligent Detector Recognition (IDR), 0.1 fA resolution and remote wireless operation

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RUBY Head Phantom Set MultiMet

End-to-end solution for a systematic verification of single-isocenter multiple-metastases SRS treatment techniques. Compatible with all common stereotactic mask systems and SGRT systems. Optional inserts for LINAC and system QA.

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Dedicated, high-resolution liquid-filled ionization chamber array with 15 x 15 cm² field size for multiple-met SRS treatment plan verification and beam profile measurements.

Complete, ready-to-use QA solution, including RW3 slab phantoms and feature-rich VeriSoft® software. 1521 liquid-filled ionization chambers, 2.5 mm resolution in the center area of 6.5 x 6.5 cm².  

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