DIAMENTOR® RS-KDK and C-RS - The New Generation of the Diamond Standard

65 years after PTW invented the very first Dose Area Product Meter, the famous DIAMENTOR, a new generation of universal, modular, and most powerful DIAMENTOR® systems is ready to set the next industry standard:

  • Highest accuracy (automatic air density correction)
  • Maximum measuring performance (dose and DAP by default)
  • Ultimate flexibility in application and use (extended range of use)
  • Easy connection (via adapter box and wireless data transfer).

Integrated or flexible solution – your choice.



In 1957, Herbert Pychlau had the idea of a new diagnostic measuring device determining the patient load during medical X-ray examinations.

This measuring device was meant to show young radiologists, working in a teaching hospital, the patient dose consequences of radiological procedures, also considering minimizing techniques like collimation or filtration adjustment.


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