MP3-T Water Phantom System

3D water phantom for automatic dose distribution measurement at TomoTherapy® treatment units

The MP3-T water tank has been optimized for the use with TomoTherapy® Hi·Art® treatment units with dynamic arc techniques, manufactured by Accuray®.  The all-in-one, plug-and-play solution comes as a complete package for reliable and easy commissioning and QA for TomoTherapy® Hi·Art® Systems.  Compliance  is ensured not only with IEC 60731 but also with Accuray’s own protocols for measurements of topographic profiles and output rotation stability on their TomoTherapy® Hi·Art®.  With MP3-T neither precision nor speed of commissioning and QA on your treatment unit will be compromised, no matter how complex the setup or your measurement tasks may be.

Like any of the PTW MP3 Water Phantoms the MP3-T  combines outstanding precision and long-term reliability through robust and smart design and workmanship. As industry leader the MP3-T can be used with a great variety of high-precision detectors suitable for small field dosimetry.

Key Features

  • Precise alignment of the water tank through lines on the tank itself
  • High precision stepper motors are mounted on a position for the use in the TomoTherapy® Hi·Art® gantry
  • Once adjusted to the therapy unit, all measuring tasks can be performed without moving or shifting the water tank, including longitudinal and transversal measurements
  • Highly accurate and fast stepper motors (50 mm/s)
  • Removable control pendant with TFT display
  • Menu controlled interface for manual control and easy set-up
  • Includes  the TANDEM field class electrometer and software
  • Requires MEPHYSTO mc² software and TBA electronics for easy TPS beam data acquisition and data analysis
  • Customizable multiple-queue drag & drop task lists
  • Versatile options: reference dosimetry, CT-chamber with 6 MV build-up cap

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