Daily QA Workflow

1 RUBY Positioning (3 minutes)

  • Position QFIX indexing bar on a defined couch indexer (for example position H2)
  • Position the tilting base (type number PTW T40072.1.030) in accordance with the marking on the indexing bar
  • Position RUBY base phantom with Linac QA insert (type number PTW T40072.1.200) on the tilting base and align the laser / the couch to the red line of the phantom

2 SGRT option (2 minutes)

  • Turn SGRT system on (for example Vision RT) and record the analyzed shift

3 Perform CBCT workflow (5 minutes)

  • Acquire CBCT (3 minutes)
  • Perform image registration, record the calculated couch shift and apply the couch shift (2 minutes)

4 SGRT option

  • Check SGRT system after CBCT and record the deviation

5 Check RUBY positioning inside the room (3 minutes)

6 Perform Winston Lutz Test (15 minutes)

  • Acquire portal images from different gantry / collimator / couch angles (5 minutes) (minimum 10 MU per field)
  • Analyze images by visual inspection or by a software tool (for example IsoCheck EPID software) (10 minutes)

7 Perform Dose check (8 minutes)

  • Position QuickCheck Device on the couch
  • Perform QuickCheck workflow for all energie


  • Swap LinacQA insert against PatientQA insert (type number PTW T40072.1.100) with ionization chamber (e.g. Semiflex 3D chamber) and connect chamber with electrometer (e.g. UNIDOS Tango) (5 minutes)
  • Irradiate photon fields (for example 10 cm x 10 cm) with all used energies and document dose output (3 minutes)
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