TBA Scanning Detectors

Ionization chambers and solid state detectors for measuring high-energy dose distributions

The scanning detectors are suitable for use in a water phantom and provide high performance in radiotherapy dose distribution measurements.

The Semiflex 3D Semiflex and the 0.125 cm³ ion chamber are the detectors of choice for standard dosimetry.

For reference dosimetry, the waterproof 0.6 cm³ PTW Farmer chamber can be used.

The PinPoint chambers with their small sensitive volumes of 0.015 cm³ and 0.03 cm³ are applied to the dosimetry of small field sizes, especially in stereotaxy. The small volume solid-state detectors, the microDiamond detector and the microSilicon are suitable for both stereotactic and standard field measurements and provide a favorable signal-to-noise ratio. Dose distribution measurements of electron beams are performed by means of the small volume Advanced Markus and Markus chamber.

High precision reference electron dosimetry or percentage electron depth dose measurements are done with the Roos chamber. The Bragg peak chamber is used for relative measurements for determination of the depth dose curve of a thin proton beam. All detectors are available with BNT, TNC or PTW-M connector.

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