Independent Solution for
Enhanced Visualization and Image Analysis in Radiotherapy

VERIQA RT View is a universal solution for the visualization of radiotherapy plans, designed to assist you in plan review. It provides quick and easy access to radiotherapy planning data and enables uniform viewing of radiation treatment plans independent of the treatment planning system. As a versatile software, VERIQA RT View comes with powerful tools for interactive visualization and plan comparison.

Why use RT View?

Comprehensive Software Toolbox for Advanced Visualization and Image Analysis

View treatment plans and images from different sources in one place.

Independent Solution:

Access and review all treatment planning data from any PC in your network.


Benefit from a vendor-neutral, future-proof platform, meeting legal requirements for long-term data archiving and retrieval.

2D/3D/4D Data Visualization

Select from a full range of DICOM RT data visualization tools. Access and view treatment plans and imaging data from anywhere in your network.

Visualize CTs, MRIs and PET-CTs. Generate DRRs and field projections.

Plan Comparison

Compare multiple treatment plans side by side. Calculate, compare and export absolute and normalized dose-volume histograms (DVH).  

Review plan approvals and customize report templates.

Powerful visualization tools for plan review

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