Reference Dosimetry

The course provides in a compact way well-founded expertise about IAEA TRS 398 "Absorbed Dose Determination in Photon and Electron Beams" and the changes and innovations planned in this standard.  
It is aimed at beginners and medical physicists with little experience in the dosimetry of medical linear accelerators who want to acquire the necessary basics and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and offers a balanced mixture of theory and practice.

Thus, the central requirements of IAEA TRS 398 are presented in detail and their implementation deepened by means of numerous case studies and practical exercises. In addition to recommended measuring methods with reference ionization chambers and suitable calibrated detectors, the focus is on the determination of important correction factors and the treatment of typical problems in reference dosimetry.   

Look forward to a practical course with experienced experts! 

Course contents

  • Introduction to IAEA TRS 398    
  • Requirements and implementation of the TRS 398 in clinical practice    
  • Measurement technology - electrometers, dosimeters and detectors    
  • Determination of correction factors - theoretical background    
  • Determination of the effective measurement location (EPOM)    
  • Typical measurement errors - detect and avoid    
  • The "Code of Practice" of PTW    
  • Practical exercises:    
    • How to set up a water phantom correctly    
    • Practical determination of correction factors    
    • Cross calibrations of detectors    
    • Dosimetric measurements in a water phantom

More Information

  • Target Audience: Medical physicists with little experience in the dosimetry of medical Linacs
  • Number of Particpants: min. 5, max. 10 participants
  • Course Language: English

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