Metrology - Calibration Benches

A calibration stand (or "linear positioning system") ensures that the dosimeter is precisely positioned and fixed at a well-defined distance from the radiation source. For calibration, the detectors are mounted on a carriage which can be moved precisely on the rails of the calibration bench either manually or automatically by motors. Setting different distances of the detector from the radiation source ensures that different dose rates and field sizes are determined to meet different calibration and test protocols.

A variety of types of calibration benches are available: Typically, Y/Z are manual, while the X axis is automatic. Rotation and enlarged movement ranges are also available. In case of motorized movements, the system is operated by the DARS software from the control room. On request, we design and manufacture customized solutions for special requirements.

Below you will find typical equipment for each laboratory, sorted by the type of radiation source for your individual requirements.
We support you in complementing existing laboratories or in opening a new turnkey laboratory, which will be tailored to your needs and requirements by our specialists.

Turnkey solutions for radiation calibration laboratories of primary and secondary standard

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