Metrology - Reference Dosimetry

PTW is one of the pioneers of radiation dosimetry and has been operating a laboratory for medical and radiation protection since 1922, which later became a member of the SSDL network of the IAEA. Our profound expertise makes us a unique supplier and at the same time an experienced user. PTW equipment is used daily in our own laboratory and provides immediate feedback to the R&D department within the company. This gives us a significant advantage over our competitors in terms of usability and reliability of our reference equipment.

A dosimetry calibration laboratory with primary (PSDL) or secondary (SSDL) standards requires a variety of instruments that work together like clockwork. We offer you our renowned dosimetry components for calibration and measurement purposes that meet your high demands.

Below you will find typical equipment for each laboratory, sorted by the type of radiation source for your individual requirements.
We support you in complementing existing laboratories or in opening a new turnkey laboratory, which will be tailored to your needs and requirements by our specialists.

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