CHU Charleroi (Site Vésale)

Montigny-le-Tilleul, Belgium

CHU de Charleroi is a university public hospital gathering 5 hospitals, amongst others the André Vésale Hospital where the radiation oncology department is located, associated with the University Hospital CHU Tivoli’s radiotherapy department.

Approximately 1 400 patients are treated annually with the following equipment:

  • 3 x VARIAN linacs
    • 1 Varian Novalis Truebeam STx, HD120, Exactrac, MV and CBCT imaging systems, with or without flattening filter
    • 1 Varian Truebeam, MV and CBCT imaging system, OSMS, with or without flattening filter
    • 1 Varian Clinac iX Essentials
  • Full citrix-based ARiA system
  • 1 Mobetron 2000 intra operative linac
  • 1 dedicated GE Discovery CT-scan
  • 1 Acuity iX-Essentials simulator
  • 1 PET-CT GE
  • 1 ELEKTA HDR brachytherapy afterloader
  • 1 Brachytherapy prostate I125 implant using VARISEED Planning system


Implemented techniques used in clinical routine are IMRT, VMAT, 4D, SBRT, SRS with dedicated IGRT techniques.

Our department relies on PTW radiotherapy dosimetry and quality assurance devices such as:

  • 1 Octavius 4D
  • Several PTW ion chambers, micro diamond and diodes (including in-vivo dosemeters)
  • Electrometers.

In collaboration with PTW, the Medical Physics Department (Radiotherapy, Nuclear Imaging and Radiology) will be acting as demonstration, validation and training site for PTW products. Moreover, a European Dosimetry School is being organized in September 2019 and will be hosted in our hospital.

The Medical Physics Department is composed by 8 accredited medical physicists, 2 medical physics assistants and engineers, 1 quality manager and 1 administrative assistant.



Head of Medical Physics Department

Phone: +32 (0)71 921959, +32 (0)478 782717

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