University Hospital

Jena, Germany

Jena University Hospital can look back at a more than 200-year history and is the biggest employer in the region today with more than 4,300 employees. Every year, more than 250,000 patients are treated as in-patients and out-patients at 26 clinics and polyclinics.

The following are available for radiotherapy and quality assurance:

  • Siemens Mevatron Primus linear accelerator
  • Siemens Mevatron Oncor linear accelerator
  • Theranostic Simulix HQ simulator with tomography attachment
  • Philips telecobalt device and Barry couch (translation for total-body irradiation)
  • HEK 2D block cutters
  • HEK 3D compensator milling machine
  • BrainLAB mMLC m3 stereotactic system and conical collimators
  • GE Lightspeed CT
  • Hille X-Ray radiotherapy device
  • Varian Gammamed Plus brachytherapy system
  • Anzai respiratory gating system
  • AGFA memory film system


  • Siemens LANTIS Oncology Information System
  • Theranostic Masterplan Therapy Planning System
  • BrainLAB I Plan Therapy Planning System
  • Siemens KonRad IMRT Therapy Planning System for compensators and MLC
  • Theranostic IMCON simulation software
  • Varian BrachyVision Therapy Planning System
  • Theranostic Dicom Archive

The dosimetry equipment from PTW-Freiburg includes:

  • MP3 remote controlled 3D water phantom
  • UNIDOS therapy dosemeter
  • Detectors for photon and electron dosimetry (ionization chambers, diode detectors, diamond detector)
  • FipsPlus film evaluation system
  • 2D-ARRAY seven29 planar ionization chamber array
  • MEPHYSTO mc² and VeriSoft software

Within the framework of collaboration with PTW, newly developed products are tested and product solutions are developed jointly for dosimetry and quality assurance in radiotherapy. One result of the many years of collaboration is the Geske monitor developed in 1985 for consistency checks of electron energy in linear accelerators. The VeriSoft software for IMRT plan verification was developed by PTW together with Dr. Tilo Wiezorek.


Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiooncology at Jena University Hospital
07740 Jena

Tilo Wiezorek, Ph.D.
Head of Medical Physics Group
Phone +49-3641-933223, +49-3641-934004
Fax +49-3641-934233

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wendt
Phone +49-3641-933214, +49-3641-934004
Fax +49-3641-933403

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