The Smart Reference Class Electrometer

UNIDOS Tango and UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer
Video IDR
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Smart. Intelligent. Connected.

The new UNIDOS Tango sets a global benchmark in terms of technology and user-friendliness. Catch up on its smart features and how you can benefit from using them.

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Video IDR

Intelligent Detector Recognition (IDR)

UNIDOS Tango is the first reference class electrometer that automates detector management and identification. Watch the explainer video to learn more about IDR and how it works.

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Benefit 1
UNIDOS Romeo Reference Class Electrometer
  • Individual and password protected profiles with all device settings and detector parameters
  • Up to 50 measurements (detector, date, readings/measurements) can be saved in the history - calculate mean value and standard deviation right on the spot
  • Intuitive GUI in 9 languages
  • Storage of up to 100 detectors in the detector library
Benefit 2
UNIDOS Tango Reference Class Electrometer

Automatic and safe import of all essential calibration certificate information via IDR:

  • Just scan the Data Matrix Code from the calibration certificate via the integrated camera of your UNIDOS Tango to create a new entry in the detector library. Avoid typing errors due to manual entries.
  • Scan the Data Matrix Code on the detector label to select a detector from the UNIDOS Tango library. This saves you time and avoids errors.
Benefit 3
UNIDOS Tango connected

Full remote control via WLAN and LAN:
Connect the client with the UNIDOS Tango to get access to the integrated webserver. Control the UNIDOS by displaying the graphical user interface (GUI) on your smart device using any web browser.
This feature facilitates the handling of the device and offers a high flexibility.

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