Additional Filter holder

Beside of automatic filter placement by means of the filter wheel a manual filter insertion is possible with the following holders:

  • Fare-from-focus-holder for positioning of additional filters of the type T43033 (before the monitor chamber) on monitor/diaphragm holder T90018                                                                
    filter max. 4.0 mm (T90018.1.120)
  • Close-to focus-holder for positioning additional filters of the type T43033 right after the tube (inside the shielding hood)
  • for GE MXR320/26 (L981288), GE MXR320/26 aS (L981573)
    filter max. 12.5 mm (T90027.1.010)
  • for GE ISOVOLT 160 (L981442), GE ISOVOLT 225 (L981383), Mammo tube changer for XRD Eigenmann PW21xx (L981437), BalteauNDT TSD320/5 (L981409) filter max. 17,7mm (T90021.1.010)

Fare-from-focus-holder T90018.1.120

Additional filters: various materials and thicknesses

Close-to focus-holders, different executions for different irradiators

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