High Voltage Divider 160/225kV L991495

Reference measurements of the actual applied tube voltage

The High Voltage Divider is used or reference measurements of the actual applied tube voltage according to ISO 4037 and IEC 61267, for use with high voltage generators BHGE ISOVOLT Titan/Titan E/Titan Neo, suitable for measurements at 160kV and 225kV generators.
Note: in case of 320kV or 450kV tubes, each generator voltage (anode and cathode) is measured either one after each other or simultaneously (the latter requires two voltage dividers and oscilloscopes).

Voltage ratio 25.000 : 1 (resistor rating 2.500 MΩ/100kΩ), absolute error < 1%

The voltage divider comes with a 2,5m long HV cable (225kV) and a secondary lab calibration (Dakks), optionally a primary lab calibration (PTB) is available on request against surcharge.

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