NI-08 Neutron Irradiator

The NI-08 Neutron Irradiator, when fitted with appropriate radionuclide neutron sources, serves as a reference source of a panoramic neutron field. It is used for calibration of neutron dose rate and dose meters in calibration laboratories.

The irradiator consists of:

  • a rotary carousel for max. 7 sources
  • a vertical source-lifting mechanism in an aluminium protective case, which enables to eject the source from the shielded position up to the exposure position
  • a shielding of the container against neutron and gamma radiations
  • a mechanical source position indicator
  • alarm and safety systems

The sources are placed in the rotary carousel. The carousel is equipped with 7 slots for placing sealed radionuclide sources (both neutron and gamma) and one empty slot, which is used as a parking position.

For irradiation, the selected source is placed into the source-lifting mechanism, which takes it to the exposure position at the centre of the irradiation room where it irradiates in all directions. All the time the source remains safely in the aluminium protective case.

The irradiator is equipped with a safety system to automatically stop irradiation in abnormal or emergency situations. In the event of a power failure, the exposed source automatically returns to the shielded position by gravity.

The irradiator and other components in the calibration laboratory can be fully remotely controlled from a host PC.

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