Spherical Chamber 1 Liter 32002

Spherical ionization chamber for radiation protection measurement

  • Vented sensitive volume of 1 liter
  • Suitable for survey meter calibration and low level measurements
  • Superior energy response, reproducibility, directional dependence and long-term stability

The spherical chamber is designed for the measurement of ionizing radiation in radiation protection.

Superior features make the chamber suitable as standard chamber for calibration purposes. It fulfills the requirement for excellent reproducibility and long-term stability of the sensitive volume.

The spherical construction ensures a nearly uniform response to radiation from every direction.

The energy response is very flat. This is achieved by the thin layer of aluminum on the inner wall surface, which provides for an increased photoelectric yield to compensate for the absorption of soft X-rays.

The outer chamber diameter is 140 mm

Type of product vented spherical
  ionization chamber
Application radiation protection measurement
Measuring quantities air kerma, photon equivalent dose
Design not waterproof, vented
Nominal sensitive volume 1 l
Reference point chamber center
Nominal response 40 μC/Gy
Chamber voltage 400 V nominal, ± 500 V maximal
Energy response ≤ ± 4 %
Leakage current ≤ ± 10 fA

Materials and measures

Wall of sensitive volume 3 mm POM (polyoxymethylene),
  0.02 mm graphite
  0.22 mm lacquer
Total wall area density 453 mg/cm2
Central electrode graphite coated polystyrene,
  diameter 50 mm
Outer dimensions diameter 140 mm

Ion collection efficiency at nominal voltage

Ion collection time 37 ms
Max. dose rate for  
≥ 90.0 % saturation 420 mGy/h
Max. dose per pulse for  
≥ 99.0 % saturation 3.1 μGy

Ranges of use

Chamber voltage ± (300 ... 500) V
Radiation quality 25 keV ... 50 MeV
Temperature (10 ... 40) °C
  (50 ... 104) °F
Humidity (10 ... 80) %, max 20 g/m3
Air pressure (700 ... 1060) hPa


T48010 Radioactive check device 90Sr
T48001 Chamber holding device for check device
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