NOMEX® mAs Smart mAs Meter

For invasive and non-invasive measurements on diagnostic X-ray modalities

The NOMEX mAs is an invasive meter for measuring the current time product (mAs) on diagnostic X-ray generators. For invasive measurements
the NOMEX mAs connects to the generator of the X-ray unit via banana plugs. Optionally, non-invasive mA and mAs measurements can be performed by means of connecting a current clamp directly to the NOMEX® mAs. The NOMEX mAs can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the NOMEX Dosemeter together with an external dose detector and/or simultaneously with the NOMEX Multimeter.

In single operation, the NOMEX mAs connects via USB to a PC running the NOMEX® Software. The NOMEX mAs sets up fully automatically, no need to select a range, and can be used for all applications. When being used in combination with the NOMEX Multimeter, mA, mAs and mA waveform will be measured at the same time with the dose, dose rate dose per pulse, pulses, frequency, time kVp, HVL, total filtration and the waveforms for both, dose rate and kV.
The measurements will be stored within the NOMEX Software and can be exported for further data analysis, e.g., to MS Excel.

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