NOMEX® SL Survey Detector

Versatile radiation detector for scatter and leakage measurements in diagnostic X-ray applications

The SL Survey Detector is a radiation detector for scatter and leakage measurements for usage in combination with the NOMEX Dosemeter. It bases on semiconductor technology and can be used within the X-ray energy range (33 keV … 1.33 MeV). Scatter radiation measurements as well as air kerma measurements due to leakage radiation, typically measured at 1 m distance from the focal spot of the X-ray tube, can be performed with the SL Survey Detector efficiently. When measuring the ambient equivalent dose rate, a tone, proportional to the dose rate, is audible. The detector comes calibrated for the radiation qualities N40 ... N120. After a measurement the data can be stored, analyzed or exported to e.g. Track-it via the NOMEX® Software.

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