PinPoint Ion Chamber 31015

Small-sized therapy chamber for dosimetry in high-energy photon beams

  • Small-sized cylindrical ion chambers with vented sensitive volumes of only 0.03 cm³ and 2.9 mm in diameter
  • Ideal for dose measurements in small fields as e.g. in IORT, IMRT and stereotactic beams
  • Very high spatial resolution when used for scans perpendicular to the chamber axis
  • Suitable for field sizes from 2 cm x 2 cm to 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Radioactive check device optionally available

PinPoint chambers are ideal for dose measurements in small fields as encountered e.g. in IORT, IMRT and stereotactic beams. Relative dose distributions can be measured with very high spatial resolution when the chambers are moved perpendicular to the chamber axis.

The waterproof, fully guarded chambers can be used in air, solid state phantoms and in water.

  • Radioactive Check Device (T48012)

Radioactive check device for air density correction and constancy checks of therapy dosemeters when using vented ionization chambers. Includes encapsulated low activity of 33 MBq.
Chamber holding devices and check device for use with flat chambers (T48010) optionally available.

Type No. 31015
Design: vented cylindrical ionization chamber, waterproof, fully guarded
Measured quantities: absorbed dose to water, air kerma, exposure
Nominal sensitive volume: 0.03 cm³,
radius 1.45 mm, length 5 mm
Reference point: on chamber axis, 3.4 mm from chamber tip
Nominal response: 800 pC/Gy
Chamber voltage: 400 V nominal, ± 500 V maximal
Radiation quality: 60Co ... 50 MV photons
Field size: (2 x 2) cm² ... (30 x 30) cm²
Connectors: BNT, TNC or M

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