QRM MAM Phantoms

  • The MAM technician (QRM-10148) and operator sets (QRM-10149) for NORMI® MAM digital X-ray, are designed for acceptance and constancy tests for prone mammography stereotactic biopsy systems in accordance with DIN 6868-163.
  • The phantoms are made of PMMA and can be positioned between the X-ray tube and detector of the mammography unit using two aluminium rods. 
  • All plates have two boreholes, such that they can be attached to the aluminium holder (two rods, diameter: 6 mm, length: 120 mm). 
  • Technician set (QRM-10148) consist of one 6 mm test plate and six absorber plates with different sizes (20 mm x 2 pieces, 10 mm x 2 pieces, 6 mm x 1 piece, 4 mm x 1 piece).
  • Operator sets (QRM-10149) consist of one 6 mm test plate and one 40 mm absorber plate.
  • The PMMA absorbers can be used for tests of the automatic exposure control (AEC).
  • Different „ aluminium“and „NORMI“test elements can be placed into the cut-out provided in the MAM Phantom test plate, like The Normi test element SDNR, to determine the average pixel values for the determination of the signal-difference-to-noise ratio.
  • For more information, qrmphantoms@ptwdosimetry.com
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