Semiflex 3D MR Ion Chamber 31024

Ready for use MR conditional chamber.

  • Particularly suited for End2End testing of gating algorithm
  • MR conditional (ASTM F2052-15 & ASTM F2213-17)
  • Optimized MR imaging feature
  • Carefree and safe use in an MR environment
  • Same specifications as T31021
  • Can be used with s.o. MRidian Viewray and ELEKTA Unity
  • Vented, waterproof, fully guarded - the ideal chamber for relative and reference dosimetry measurements in water, air or solid state phantoms
  • True 3D geometry - uniform response in any direction
  • Unique design - fast, accurate scanning in in-plane and cross-plane directions without tank rotation or change of detector setup
  • Easy horizontal or vertical mounting for high-resolution measurements in both radial and axial orientations
  • Reference-class ionization chamber with exceptional dosimetric characteristics - suitable for reference dosimetry following standard dosimetry protocols, e.g., IAEA TRS-398, AAPM TG-51
  • Small size (0.07 cm³), high spatial resolution - perfect for measurements in small and FFF fields down to a field size of 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Radioactive check device optionally available
Suitable for photon and electron dosimetry in multiple applications


  • LINAC Acceptance Testing
  • TPS Beam Data Commissioning
  • Clinical Reference Dosimetry
  • Point Dose Measurements
The New Reference Class

Semiflex 3D meets and exceeds the performance requirements of a reference-class ionization chamber as laid out in AAPM TG-51 and IEC 60731:

  • Minimal polarity effect (< 0.4 % correction, < 0.5 % maximum variation)
  • Extremely low volume effect (est. ≤ 0.05 % correction in FFF field)
  • Excellent chamber settling (< 0.3 %)
  • Very low post-irradiation leakage - far below IEC 60731 requirements
  • Significantly reduced cable effects (< 200 fC / (Gy * cm))
  • Minimal chamber-to-chamber variation - reliable kQ and kS values
  • TRUFIXBS detector holder radial ID 4.8 (T21008.1.150)
  • TRUFIXBS detector holder axial AD 7.0 T21008.1.510 (T21008.1.510)
  • TRUFIX thimble Semiflex 3D, radial (T4316/U6002)
  • TRUFIX thimble Semiflex 3D, axial (T4316/U4309)
  • RW3 plate - Semiflex 3D chamber 0.07 cm³ (T29672/U33)
  • Rotation unit chamber plate Semiflex 3D (T40056.1.007)
  • Check device 90Sr for thimble chambers (T48012)
  • Holding device for 31002,31003,31010,31013/31021 (T48002.1.004)
Type No. 31024
Design: vented cylindrical ionization chamber, waterproof, fully guarded
Measured quantities: absorbed dose to water, air kerma, exposure
Nominal sensitive volume: 0.07 cm³,
radius 2.4 mm, length 4.8 mm
Reference point: on chamber axis, 3.45 mm from chamber tip
Nominal response: 2 nC/Gy
Chamber voltage: 400 V nominal
± 500 V maximal
Radiation quality: Co-60 ... 50 MV photons
(9 ... 45) MeV electrons
Field size: (2.5 x 2.5) cm² ... (40 x 40) cm²
(3.0 x 3.0) cm² ... (40 x 40) cm²
≥ 18 MV
Connectors: TNC

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