MP3-P and MP3-PL Water Phantoms

Hi-Tech 3D Water Phantom Solution for Particle Therapy Treatment Machines


  • Versatile, application-specific solution, perfectly adapted to beam commissioning and QA requirements of particle therapy applications
  • Appropriately sized, fully automatic 3D water tank with up to 38 cm (MP3-P; vertical)/50 cm (MP3-PL; horizontal) scanning depth, parallel walls and a thin exchangeable entrance window for precise horizontal beam measurements
  • Detector positioning accuracy true to 0.1 mm
  • State-of-the-art TANDEMxdr dual-channel field class electrometer with extended measurement range also suitable for reference dose measurements
  • Full line of accessories, including specially designed water tank, for true one-stop convenience
  • Powerful BeamScan software with intuitive Navigator user interface and customizable multiple-queue drag & drop task lists
  • Available on a SCANLIFT water reservoir and carriage

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