Universal IMRT Verification Phantom

Acrylic phantom for IMRT dose verification using radiographic film and ionization chambers

The purpose of the IMRT dose verification phantoms is to verify dose distributions and reference dose values produced by IMRT beams, either sub beams or total beams. The verification is done by comparing the measured dose values in the phantom against the calculated values of the radiotherapy treatment planning system. The Universal IMRT Verification Phantom enables the user to check the spatial distribution of IMRT beams using a radiographic film (size: 25 cm x 30 cm). Moreover, it accommodates up to five 0.125 cm3 ion chambers type 31010 to measure reference dose values.

The phantom is composed of two 30 cm x 30 cm acrylic blocks, the depth of the film is 50 mm, and the depth of the ion chambers is 60 mm. The simple shape of the phantom makes it easy to enter its dimensions into the treatment planning system.

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